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Barramundi fishing...

Everything you need to know about what and how i catch barramundi in one easy place.

There are many many ways to target barramundi on lures but for the purpose of this page i will show you the two main techniques that will work in the majority of barramundi impoundments.

The braid and leader I run barely changes no matter what the technique!

Sunline Castaway

Braid: Sunline Cast away

Sunline Cast Away PE is a non-tangle braided line. It has the hybrid construction of 8 strands; 4 PE strands of braided fibre and 4 high-density ester mono-filaments. The surface of the line is smooth and makes far less guide noise than other lines. The smooth surface and the hybrid construction offers superb casting distance, accuracy and comfort with fewer line troubles. Cast Away PE is low stretch, high sensitivity line with a high weight ratio. It suspends in water and provides excellent visibility in dark or light conditions and is well suited for inshore/light off shore lure fishing.


Colour: Pearl Blue

Lengths: 200m (30-50lb), 300m (60-80lb)

Line classes i use: 40lb to 60lb

Leader: Sunline FC 100

This top of the line fluorocarbon has been designed with an emphasis on suppleness and a minimum of interference, imparting more action into your lure or jig. The Triple Resin Processing improves its smoothness, knot strength and abrasion resistance. The lighter line classes have boosted knot strength while the heavy line classes have a harder outer shell to protect against PE cutting the line.


Colour: Clear

Length: 30m, 100m

Line classes i use: 40lb to 80lb

Sunline FC 100


The hit from a barramundi on a swimbait rod is certainly addictive especially in the dark when you least expect it. You would have seen by now all of the catches i have made on the Molix shad 140 so of course it is by far my favourite swim bait.

Rod: NS Amped C-791XXH Swimbait 

Reel: Okuma Komodo 364P  6.4:1

Braid: Sunline Castaway PE #3 50lb 

Leader: Sunline FC 100 in 60lb (80lb in emergencies)

Lure: Molix Shad 140

Amped Swimbait
Molix Shad 140

Jerk baiting...

This is one of the most exciting ways to target barramundi, as they are usually in heavy timber and the lure is almost always taken on the pause when you least expect it and the fish is already going in the opposite direction to what you want.

Rod: NS Explorer C681 H

Reel: Okuma Komodo KDS-273 7.3:1

Braid: Sunline Castaway PE #2.5 40lb 

Leader: Sunline FC 100 in 40lb (Awoonga, Monduran) 60lb (Callide)

Lure: Jackall Squirrel

Explorer Rod
Squirrel 79
Okuma Komodo SS
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