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As all fisherman know, a fish on topwater is so much more exciting than one you can't see take your lure. GT's Giant Trevally have to be one of the meanest fish you can catch on a surface lure...

The braid and leader I run barely changes no matter what the technique!

monster battle.png

Braid: Sunline Monster Battle

Designed specifically for casting poppers, stickbaits or metals at GT's, tuna, kingfish and other pelegics. This special high strength casting line is made from 8 strand HG-PE with a special surface resin to improve smoothness and casting distance. HG-PE is about 20% thinner than regular PE and offers excellent durability and long life. The sky blue colour is marked with a black line every 50m.


Colour: Sky Blue

Length: 300m

Line Classes: 50lb (PE 3), 60lb (PE 4), 80lb (PE 5, 90lb (PE 6), 100lb (PE 8), 130lb (PE 10)

Made in Japan

Leader: Sunline Big Game Shock 

Big game shock leader has been designed for anglers chasing the larger sports-fish of the world and has gained a reputation of a leader that can be relied on when targeting that fish of a life time.

Commonly used for trolling for big pelagics like tuna and marlin, jigging for deep-water monsters like kingfish and samsonfish and popping for massive GT’s.

Manufactured using Sunline’s triple resin process, this nylon monofilament leader has great abrasion resistance, knot strength and stretch properties. It has also been treated for better UV resistance to avoid damage from the sun. Big Game comes in larger hanks to avoid memory which is especially important in the larger line classes. 


Colour: Clear

Length: 50m

Line classes: 40lb to 330lb

Made in Japan

big game shock leader.png

GT topwater takes are what it is all about, that explosion from a giant trevally on the surface is super hard to beat. For this reason i mainly run floating lures. I love fishing stickbaits on glass out, shallow reefs and small pressure edges where a big pop from a popper will scare most fish away.

Rod: NS Blackhole Boca S 84
Reel:  18000
Braid: Sunline Monster Battle PE 8 - 10 
Leader: Sunline Big Game Shock Leader
Lure: ASWB Gardie F120

boca s.png
ASWB gardie f 120.png

This is one of the most exciting ways to target Giant Trevally GT's. The hit from a fish taking a popper seems to be way more aggressive than one on a stickbait. I prefer to mainly only run poppers in deeper water, faster water or on really overcast and slightly choppier days.

Rod: NS Blackhole Boca S 84
Reel: 18000
Braid: Sunline Monster Battle PE 8 - 10 
Leader: Sunline Big Game Shock Leader
Lure: REEFSedge Roey Popper 130G

boca s.png
Reefs edge roey popper.png
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