GT Popping rods

My go to GT Popping rods, there is also another model higher again that looks super sexy but i haven't used it yet..

GT Popping rod
GT Popping rod

“BOCA-S” Big Game Fishing Rods with thin but strong and lightweight blanks that incorporate the unique know-how of N.S! Designed to land monster-grade fish without problems. Big One Challenge Above (BOCA) caters to the wish of big game fishing enthusiasts! 


S-80 (Grip : 415mm)
This product is quintessential for casting to 60kg GT. It can cast poppers to make fish like tuna weighing more than 100kg rise up.

S-84 (Grip : 415mm)
It can handle strong drag power and powerful movements in shallow water and rough sea terrain when amberjack and kingfish popping. It allows you to land the fish quickly even in rough terrain without being swept along. 

S-88 (Grip : 415mm)
It is the most ideal for popper fishing. The blank is very lightweight and provides powerful torque. Even small bodies can cast the line/lure easily to their satisfaction with this rod.