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Murray cod fishing...

Everything you need to know about what and how i catch murray cod in one easy place.

There are many many ways to target cod on lures but for the purpose of this page i will show you the two main techniques that work for me in impoundments.


The braid and leader i run barely changes no matter what the technique!

sunline ADV.png

Braid: Sunline Siglon ADV 

The key advantages of DRT processing in SIGLON PE ADV are further casting distance and greater abrasion resistance.

With new and unique manufacturing technology from Sunline, that inputs sound resin to the inner part of the line.

As a result of the processing, the line now has water repellent properties, so the line won’t become heavy when wet. Giving you consistently longer casts, without the line sticking to the rod or guides.

SIGLON PE ADV slickness has been improved about 25% from standard SIGLON PE. With highly developed smoothness comes greater casting distance.

Furthermore, due to DRT processing, SIGLON PE ADV is stiffer than SIGLON PE and 300% more abrasion resistant.

Due to its high abrasion resistance, it is possible to fish near cover or rocks in where standard PE lines just won’t survive.


Colour: Turquoise Blue

Lengths: 150m (5-35lb), 300m (12-60lb)

Line classes i use: 30lb to 50lb

Leader: Sunline FC 100

This top of the line fluorocarbon has been designed with an emphasis on suppleness and a minimum of interference, imparting more action into your lure or jig. The Triple Resin Processing improves its smoothness, knot strength and abrasion resistance. The lighter line classes have boosted knot strength while the heavy line classes have a harder outer shell to protect against PE cutting the line.


Colour: Clear

Length: 30m, 100m

Line classes i use: 40lb to 80lb

Sunline FC 100

Soft plastic Swimbaits...
The hit from a Murray cod on a swimbait rod is certainly addictive especially in the dark when you least expect it. You would have seen by now the good sessions i had on Burrunjuck dam using the KISS theory. I have set up a new way to rig these bigger soft plastics like the Biwaa Kapsiz 9" below. (colour in picture Ghost perch)

Rod: Dobyns Fury 806SB Swimbait 
Reel: Okuma Komodo 364P 6.4:1
Braid: Sunline Siglon ADV PE #3.5 50lb 
Leader: Sunline FC 100 in 40-60lb 
Lure: BIWAA Kapsiz Kast 9"

dobyns 801.png
Kapsiz Kast 9 inch.png
okuma komodo.png

Hard swimbaits...
This is one of the most exciting ways to target Murray cod second only to topwater obviously, the strike is intense and hard to describe unless you have experienced it you won't really understand. That hit is why most of us do it. I love nothing more than that low light super slow roll of a big swimbait and then WHACK!!!!! My go to swimbait is NOW the Baitsanity Gill 6" and then close second is the Baitsanity Antidote 7". (colour pictured is Dark Gill)

Rod: Dobyns Fury 801 Swimbait 
Reel: Okuma Komodo 364P 6.4:1
Braid: Sunline Siglon ADV PE #3.5 50lb 
Leader: Sunline FC 100 in 40-60lb 
Lure: Baitsanity Gill 6"

dobyns 801.png
dark gill NB.png
okuma komodo.png
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