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Natures Force

I have never been one to let the weather or any other thing at that matter prevent me from going fishing, however this weekend was a very trying one indeed. The plan was a quick pre fish at Somerset Dam for the upcoming BASS Nation round. I had a great afternoon on the water Friday then it all spiralled downhill from then on. Saturday morning, got a ople of quick fish then the storm came through, although it was brief both Marnie and myself were completely drenched. i decided that was enought to sway me to head to brumba dam early, i was headed there to film with Andy Mckinstray. Andy messaged me when i was on the dam asking about the weather i told him it was fine and i was catching fish, an hour after that i had to utilise my GPS in the boat to find my way back to the ramp to meet Andy. Another drenching to say the least, as the clouds cleared we had an hour to check out the fishing prior to Sundays film session. The fishing was good, several fish each in the high forties and plenty of good fish to be had in the weed fringes. Things were looking good until another storm cleared us out of the dam. Back to town a hot meal and a warm bed for the night with an early start on Sunday morning. Less than 2 kilometres from the dam on Sunday morning we were met by a massive tree completely blocking the road, apparently the road was clear less than half an hour ago. A few phone calls and i had the council and local police thinking of a plan, at least that is what they informed me. A quick text to Mark Reinbott as a bit of a stir and he had his friend Luke from Bush Tree Service in the car and at the bridge, chainsaw and all. By now we had plenty of cars on both sides of this tree wanting to get through. yet amazingly as i helped lke clear the tree not a single person from the possible ten available offered any assistance. less than 30minutes later we were on the dam and the rest is history! thanks Lu

ke and Mark, saved the day.

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