BASS Nation 2016 Round 1 wrap up

Here is a quick break down of the first round of the 2016 BASS Nation series, from my side.

Pre Fish:

This will be short and sweet, i had several trips to the dam leading up to the event however had the misfortune of fuel troubles on the official pre fish day and never got to check out the dam and the prevailing conditions. A quick round trip to BNE with the help from the guys at Downes Marine and the fuel was quickly sorted out and i was back in time to hit the water for the first session.

Session 1:

Having not been to the dam inside the ban i only had the information that i had learned prior to black out. I quickly worked out the fish had moved somewhat and was then i the hunt for fish. sticking to my old addage no point fishing where the fish aint, i made a move to look for fish. it took till 8:30 before I found anything worth casting to. It took several lure changes before finally getting them to commit to a spoon in 25 feet of water. I managed to grab quick bag and an upgrade or two in the next 40 minutes as well as some undersize and the occasional yellowbelly. This was to be all that we found that session. A 2.3 bag had me in 9th position.

Session 2:

Thinking there would be some fish near the mornings location i headed straight there to have a look, after some 20 minutes of searching i realised they had cleared out. Moving across the deeper water i noticed the suspending fish in the river bed starting to group up, as we patrolled around some more i finally settled on what was some very exciting soundings. It took atleast 20 minutes to work out what lure and how they wanted it. We then settled in for some 40 to 50 fish for the remainder of the session. we only made the move each time they thinned out on the sounder and located them again. Plastics and spoons kept above the suspended fish was their undoing. with over 2.7kg i had snuck into second position.

Session 3:

Chasing down a lead of over 1.4kilos i knew i had a big task ahead of me, especially considering i had no morning spot. Or confidence technqe for the early bite, i didn't catch on to the high speed retreive of the plastics that