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QLD GT Popping

After chasing fleeing tuna and the occasional spanish for a while we happened across some nice looking pressure waves in 15m of water and on the second cast i was being dragged from the boat by what was nothing less than a 40kg Bus! instincts kicked in as did the adrenaline and the fight was on. After three fishless trips this fish meant more to me than i can describe, luckily know one was any where to be seen as i screamed out like some crazed lunatic once this banger hit the deck. What a thrill!

GT fishing is quickly becoming more of a crazed obsession for me than just a passion, I will pop or stick bait any likely looking piece of water any chance that I get. If you haven’t fished for Giant trevally previously then it is a hard concept to understand, especially with the physical hard work that is most of the time required. I recently purchased some lures from a guy who told me he doesn’t know how I do it, to quote him “ this sport is soul destroying”. For the extra hard work that is required it just makes the end results even more sweeter. I don’t recall falling to the ground or screaming to the top of my lungs after landing a bass but I have done this many times on GT trips.

So many things need to fall into place land a big GT, tides, weather, lure choice, line, leader proximity to reef, sharks. Any or all of those things can make or break the result. Fishing PE8-10 with locked drags puts so much pressure on everything, rod, reel, line, knots and even the angler. It is hard work to find the strength to battle these things after popping for no results over the last 6 hours. Only an angler who has truly experienced the raw power of these fish will really understand what I am trying to explain. To lose a $100 plus lure in less than 5 seconds of commotion is worth every cent and that moment will have you more determined than ever to fish harder and longer in the future, pushing past the shoulder pain, blisters and aching joints striving to get another shot at it.

I recently ventured up to Turkey Beach and 1770, the plan was to follow one of our friends in their dive boat out to the outer reefs so we weren’t out there on our own. Long story short, we failed to do this every day due to some form of disruption (either weather or boat related)

The Fishing

Travel day, we travelled up from BNE on the first day and got to Agnes waters around lunch time. We collected everything we needed, food, fuel etc and made our way to the ramp. The conditions as we exited the bar couldn’t be better. We made a move to hit Fitzroy bommie, we made it about ¾ of the way before the conditions hindered us too much and we decided to roll with it North towards mast head. We found and fished several isolated bommies and reefs mainly fishing for Spanish and GT’s. Most of the areas held Spanish with a couple of them harbouring some massive Giant Trevally. We managed to land 4 Geets over 35kg with two pushing 45, I busted off a black car door and missed two pack attacks from smaller fish. Had an eye to eye stare off with a Spanish mackerel that stole my popper and was literally close enough in the air for me to poke with my rod tip.

Day two

This time we intended on making it to Lamont reef, only the wind had other plans. We punched into for almost two hours and continually got slower and slower. Similarly to the day before we decided to role with it and try our luck on some deeper reefs, we dug out the jigs and managed some nice smaller trevally and proceeded to get bitten off by some mackerel. We pushed on with the intention to try further north and some different reef systems, a whole lot of travelling for not a lot of gain. I managed to scrounge another massive geet over 45 and missed a further 3 that just didn’t quite hold onto the lure. The Spanish mackerel were keeping us entertained with their aerial antics, stealing lures as they go. A tough day on the water but worth it only for the one Banger landed.

Day three

The final day and last opportunity to hit the outer reefs, unfortunately the dive boat we were planning on following had some motor mount issues and couldn’t get out until around 9. We started in close waiting for the guys and managed to get amongst a few nice sized queen fish and smaller Spanish. We then pushed out to the wides and chased some reef fish before pushing on to Fitzroy bommie. I only raised a couple of GT’s out here failing to hook any, we did however have a ball on the Spanish and tuna with Mark landing a 25plus fish on 11kg line, top effort.

Wrapping up

We had no idea what we were in for or where to start, we did a lot of commuting and probably wasted a day of our two and half days fishing. For our efforts we landed 5 big GT’s a dozen or more Spanish, seven queenies, bulk loads of tuna and heaps of reef fish. Needless to say my arms are sore and the freezer is now full. I would have went to all of this effort just to land one of the big GT’s that we got. 😊

Needless to say I will be going back.

Gear Box

Rod: NS Blackhole Cape Cod Wild Popping

Reel: Quantum Cabo 100

Line: Sunline Monster Battle PE8

Leader: 150lb Rovex

Lures: Shell Shaping Level Float, Hammerhead Cherry Boy

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