BASS Nation 2016 Rnd 2 Glenbawn Dam

Round 2 of the 2016 BASS Nation series had us heading to Glenbawn dam in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. Typical of a February Glenbawn bite saw most of the anglers targetting deep fish, for those who havent fished this bite before i mean deep as in from 50 feet through to depths in excess of 90 feet. The fish can be suspended anywhere from 30 feet deep all the way to the bottom. The key being to locate the deeper active fish in order to get the bite.

Pre Fish:

As is typical with most bass tournaments the weather on the pre fish day was considerably different to that of the event. Friday was a hot still day and the deep bite was predictable and somewhat easy, there were bass located through most of the dam and more than half of them would bite on the first or second drop. I managed enough fish to be confident and then went to the banks to try to find something different. I located a few submereged weed beds that had fish all hanging on the outer edge, I was throwing the new Jackall Derabreak chatterbait and at one point could literally catch a fish a cast, however struggled to get anything much more than 30cm.

Session 1:

After my edge bite re fish i decided to go straight for the deep fish and get an early bite before the weather change had any affect on them. This plan paid off as I was upgrading my bag withing the first 30 minutes, as the bite slowed down i decided to go searching for some different areas to perhaps help out my afternoon session. I drew a blank in most of the spots and towards the end of the session came back down the front of the dam to hit the deep fish for a further two small upgrades. I had a full limit in what was looking like a tough bite so i was happy.

2/2 for 1.97 putting me in