Wivenhoe Dam B.A.S.S. Nation Wrap up

This was one of the most enjoyable yet toughest bass tournaments i have fished in a long time. knowing the event was going to be tough i fished it as if it was a complete new venue and barely went to the areas i would typically fish when targetting bass in wivenhoe.

Prefish day 1

Plan was to cancel out or prove the uper reaches of the dam, travelling all the way to the top we (Jaimen Tunstall and I) worked our way back down the dam hitting different types of structure in varying depths trying to crack a pattern. The fishing was fun, catching yellowbelly, catfish and the occasional bass on almost every lure put next to a snag. Only catching one bass we decided we wouldnt make the trek back up on the second prefish day.

Prefish day 2

Having a tough day 1 the plan of attack with this day was to locate and target suspended bass down near billies bay, platypus cliffs area. We managed only one bass although it was a good fish we were unable to repeat it and the bite in between was tough and slow. Important point that needs mentioning, i would never have been able to navigate effectively and as efficiently as i did without the Insight Genesis Map on my sounder, utilising the map i was quickly able to decipher which snags were in water deep enough to hold fish and which weren't.

The event

I can sum up my event in one paragraph as i only managed to land the one bass. Session 1 i decided i would rather catch numerous fish on reaction baits rather than tough out the suspended fish down in the basin. The bite for all species had definitely slowed as i only landed 3 yellas, 2 catfish and the one bass. By travelling so far i had limited myself to less than hour of fishing, i thought it would be plenty of time however i only really got to hit 3 or 4 snags effectivley then it was time to pack up and head back. Session 2 i made the treck to the suspended fish as i didnt have the time to make the treck up river, this session was a struggle for me as i expected and i was still in two minds whether i should have hit some weed edges some place else. Session 3 was much the same as session one just witout the bass, i missed about 5 shrt strikes and had one bass chase to the boat, i lost the stinger hook on another fish and then it was time to travel back again. Did i make the right choices i don't really know but i had a plan and stuck to it and managed to pull off a 3rd place in the mix.

The equal 3rd with Terry Allwood puts me in equal 1st place in the AOY race as we move past our 3rd B.A.S.S. Tournament for the year. It is a long haul yet but always good to start the race from the front.

Gear Box:

Rod Dobyns Champion Extreme 702C

Reel Quantum Tour MG

Line Sunline Momentum 16lb

Leader Sunline Shooter 10lb

Lure Impact Tackle Spinnerbait

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