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Wilson River B.A.S.S. Nation Wrap up

Well where do I start? What an event, it was an incredible and unique place for us to compete in a BASS tournament. I had a ball just driving around that place, you can literally get lost in the vast expanses of rivers and creeks.

Pre fish

I can’t really say that I ever quite put a lock on the technique or the location of where or how I wanted to fish this event. Every trip there I was second guessing what I learnt last trip and finding fish in various locations every time. About the only thing I was confident in was my casting ability, and I knew that the lure had to hit the spot or you would miss the fish. Unlike impoundments you could actually sit closer to the structure then I am used to and pic each little pocket of the snag until you caught the fish. In some cases it would be the fourth or fifth cast that got the bite.

I played around with a few different techniques attempting to crack the proverbial pattern, the only real technique I seemed to notice was the bigger the lure the quicker I got the bite. The main lures that proved successful for me where spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and big square bill crank baits. The exciting part about fishing this location was the bites, out of the twenty or thirty fish I caught there over the course of a few trips only three of them were actually caught retrieving the lure the rest ate the lure as it landed or in the squarebills case just as it started to get under the surface. I saw the majority of these fish eat the lure which was really cool and something I haven’t seen in past.


Going into the first session I was still dwelling on where I should start, I had caught fish from as far up the Wilson that I could go thought to the top of Bungawalbin and everywhere in between, yet no consistent captures. I decided to start in the lower reaches of Bunga and work my way up, I managed two fish relatively early so made a run to the top reaches. I saw another three bass take my lure yet failed to hook up an only landing one more fish for the session. That 1.43 had me in 10th with only 400 grams from the top spot. Day 2 I was still unsure whether the fish at the top would hold out so I opted to start in the lower reaches again. I managed one early and dropped another 2, little did I know that those two would hurt me as they were to be the last bites for the session. I gradually pushed up the creek hitting banks that had proved successful in the past, it was all in vain and I returned to the weigh station with only the one fish.

It was a tough tournament for me mentally as I never felt that I quite had it worked out, definitely looking forward to the next time we fish this waterway.

Gear Box

Rod: Dobyns701 Champion Extreme BC

Reel : Quantum Tour MG 100

Line: Sunline PE 8 20lb

Leader: Sunline Shooter 10lb

Lures: Impact tackle spinnerbait, Jackall Derabreak, Lucky Craft Squarebill

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