Sunline St Clair B.A.S.S. Nation update

Pre- fish

I knew from the start that i would need to travel to St Clair to get an understanding on what was happening prior to the event, i haven't fished the lake for over two years and haven't fished it in July for three years. I had two four day breaks before the ban started so i made the 23 hour return trip twice just so i felt comfortable with what was in front of us.


The lake had risen a few feet since my last visit and the water was cloudy compared to what it had been, plan was to hit some spots in the Fallbrook early to tempt some bigger fish then check out my bag filling spots as the day progressed. I caught good fish within the first few casts in all three of my spots using a surface lure or a jerk bait depending on water depth. So i left each position almost as quick as i arrived there so as not to put any unnecessary pressure on those fish. I spent the rest of the morning checking out the weed edges for spots that held consistent fish during the heat of the day. I found i could easily catch fish on ice jigs in the schools up the Fallbrook arm however they were struggling to make it past legal length. I knew then i would have to stick to throwing plastics to the weed to be competitive.

Session 1

I made the trek up the Fallbrook arm to my surface areas and managed three fish in the first hour with one good bass among them. I then moved to my jerk bait spot that i was overly confident would work and it failed to produce a bite, not sure if it was all the extra boat waves from travelling up or if it had simply had too much pressure through out the day on Friday. So i was two hours into session one and i already had to look for another plan. In the pre-fish leading up i had caught good fish jerk baiting in the Carrowbrook arm but not big numbers. Went there to check it out and managed an upgrade first cast, fished the remainder of that bank for not another bite. Decided i would pre-fish for the afternoon session with the 35 minutes that we had remaining. I found a good patch of fish still holding from Friday and caught 3 before the time was up. I weighed 1.7kg putting me in 6th place

Session 2

The afternoon was always going to be hard with the prime bite time being well after we have finished the weigh in. I went straight to the area i finished in session 1, i missed a fish first cast and had one on the 3rd throw, shortly after that i had my second fish. The fish weren't big but they were legal and fat, i continued along this edge with the next fish being around the 800 mark i t