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Glenbawn Dam B.A.S.S. Championship

Pre fish

Day one, fished hook less in the areas I expected to catch fish and got plenty of bites. This gave me the confidence to spend some time searching for new water. I spent most of the remainder if that day with little to no bites in the new areas.

Day two, went to some big fish spots to see if they were affected by others prefishing and caught a good fish first cast on a jerk bait and left the area hoping to use it on session 1 Saturday. Fished hookless again for a few more hours in new areas with little to no bites. Lacking confidence I went ti the areas I wanted to fish in the event for the last hour of practice and managed a couple of quick fish confirming that I had a plan.

Session 1

We were completely blown out by the wind with a delayed start we were also now under pressure to catch a limit in terrible conditions with limited time. The first two spots I had in mind were completely blown out so I moved to option 3. After an hour I was still fishless and looking for something different, last cast in that area produced a small legal. I decided to tough it out in the wind in my confidence spots. I had a limit and two upgrades within the first ten minutes then progressively upgraded throughout the remainder of that session with upwards of 15 fish. Due to the fact I was catching fish in the conditions I didn’t focus on size which let me down considerably.

2/2 1.74 20th position

Session 2

Trying conditions in the afternoon had us with another delayed start and leaving us with only 3 hours to get out and get it done. With time pressure I new I could scratch out a quick limit early in the main basin out of the wind. The first hour saw me with a full limit and upgrading to around 2kg. I decided with ,y session 1 bag holding me back I needed to chase bigger fish so I headed up the dam in search of a kicker. I managed a few upgrades and around 20 fish for the session.

4/4 3.99 10th position

Session 3

Today was a different day altogether, glassy conditions and overcast. Couldn’t have asked for anything more ideal for finesse bassing. The first hour was quieter than expected then it all started to come together. I had a limit in two casts then moved to the big fish spot and upgraded for the remainder of the session. Landing between 15-20 bass over the 1kg this had to be one of the most exciting bass sessions I have had in a tournament this year.

6/6 6.40kg 6th position


Twitching and slow rolling ¼ ounce jigheads rigged with 2” Keitech easy shiners in and around the weed towers. If you found the fish they would bite, was just a matter of finding the right ones.

Gear box.

Rod: Dobyns Champion 701sf

Reel: Quantum Smoke PTia 25 spin

Line: Sunline PE EGI 0.8

Leader: Sunline FC Sniper

Lure: 1/4Geneo Pimped TT Jighead, 2” Keitech Easy Shiner in Ayu, Lime Chart

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