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Glenbawn Dam B.A.S.S. Nation Update

Pre fish:

I pre fished the lake a week prior to the ban and was able to crack a pattern early and then work on that information over the next few days to locate consistent fish as well as bigger fish.

Prefish Day:

Spent Pre fish morning with Mark Ferguson so two of us could work out what lure and retrieve was going to be the most effective without pressuring too many areas pre-tournament. I had a sacrificial bank to test the lures on as it was only holding small fish two weeks ago. The size of the fish we caught from this bank was bigger than expected. Found fish easy to catch and would actually eat almost every reaction bait that I threw at them. Not a pre fish that you would ideally going into a tournament.

Session 1:

I had to start where I had caught the biggest fish in the pre fish leading up just in case they were there early in the morning. The first four cast saw four bites with none of them making it to the boat, a couple of casts later and bass number 1 was in the well, the next 3 casts had me with a full limit and upgrading early on. I managed at least 10 fish along this first stretch of bank with none of them over the average 39fork length. I then spent the rest of the session jumping around all my big fish banks looking for that much needed upgrades. I knew from the pre fish that I needed a pair of 43fork length fish in order to remain competitive. I landed roughly 30-40 fish throughout the morning session and failed to find anything bigger than 40 fork.

2/2 for 2.01kg 13th place.

Session 2:

I was relying on this session to catch up some of the 500gram gap behind 1st place, the afternoon had always been better for me with most of my bigger fish coming on those windblown banks in the early afternoon. Unfortunately the weather prevented us from getting on the water with the excessive winds making it too difficult.

Session 3:

Starting the session in 13th place I knew I wouldn’t get onto the banks I was fishing session one early so I started on my sacrificial bank from Friday, I wanted to go up there with two in the bag rather than grind it out to get a limit. I caught a few fish early and was upgrading by 6:35am, I was confident I could get fish however I knew I had a 500g deficit to chase and that was if they didn’t get a bigger bag then my session 1 limit. I tried two other banks on the way up the dam landing 5-6 fish and 1 slight upgrade. I had roughly the same bag as day 1 and needed something bigger, moving through my big fish banks was continuing to produce fish however no upgrades. I decided to hit my big fish bank up the back even though it had several boast on and off it throughout the morning. Catching a fish on the 3rd cast I thought it was definitely worth while continuing. Nearing the end of my bank and the game changed, I hooked a fish tight to the grass that swam out slowly yet very heavy, all the characteristics of a yellowbelly. The fish came close to the surface at a distance and due to the colour I knew it wasn’t a yellowbelly however its length now added to the confusion and I pegged it as being a carp. As the fish neared the boat the realisation kicked in that this was going to be big bass for the event and give me the best possible chance at a comeback.

With the fish in the boat I was in awe of its size and shape, I haven’t seen a bass of this length in Glenbawn since 2006/07. I had to measure it prior to putting it in the well and it topped out at 50.5cm to the fork. A great fish for any location and definitely a game changer in the final session of any tournament.

2/2 2.80kg 1st place and Big Bass of 1.8kg

Rod: Dobyns Champion Extreme 703 spin

Reel: Quantum Smoke PTia25 Spin

Line: Sunline EGI ULT 0.8 PE

Leader: Sunline Shooter Invisible 10lb

Lure: Jackall Chara Blade

Technique: I cast the Jackall Chara blade as shallow as possible and burn it out off that edge, I found the fish sitting in less than 2 feet of water and they couldn’t resist the high speed retrieve of the shallow running chatterbait.

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