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B.A.S.S. Nation Boondooma Brawl

Pre Fish.

Typically i come away from a pre fish with a plan in mind and spend the rest of the afternoon prepping for it as well as thinking of back up plans. This event was not what i had in mind, i struggled to get a confidence lure pre fish day and found myself constantly relying on past knowledge as oppose to fishing what is in front of me. I didn't have a location that i was confident of catching a limit out of or an upgrade spot aside from what i had learnt two weeks prior. This event was going to be a challenge for me.

Session 1.

Going out with 5 different lures tied on i only had one plan and that was to try in the area i knew the big fish had been holding leading up to this event. The fish were there early yet lacking in size, i saw a few fish being caught around me and i was simply struggling to crack a simple technique to get the fish to commit. Getting bites wasn't an issue just getting them to take the lure completely was proving more difficult then usual. With minimal bites it is always difficult to crack a pattern, so grind it out i did. Putting only one fish in the well at a dismal 550grams.

1/2 0.55kg 29th Place.

Session 2.

Session 2 was tough on me mentally knowing that i had nothing to go back out to and would need to reassess and start a new plan just to catch some fish. Seeing the leaders weights i started to think more about simply catching a limit to stay in the game rather than go looking for larger fish that may or may not show up at all. I power fished most of this session searching for new water that may have been less pressured looking for bites from anything that i could pin. Fishing wasn't tough but it wasn't easy landing at least 8 keepers for the session on the Palms Slow Blatt in 30G the same confidence lure i had from before the ban. The trick was to allow it to first sink through the fish then wind relatively quickly back through them forcing a reaction. most of the takes were on the burn and the lure was inhaled. i managed to claw back 15 places but it wasn't going to be enough.

2/2 2.09kg 14th place

Session 3.

The final session was a little more promising at the start knowing i was in 14th i was simply looking to make the top 10 and the weights were so close it was easily acheivable. So i thought, i caught the first legal in around 15 minutes and then spent close to two hours without a second fish. Another grind session that was testing every ounce of my will power to continue on. The fish that were eating the palms spoon simply weren't around and the size of the fish in the area had somewhat diminished. The majority of the fish caught in the morning session in my area were caught on spinnerbaits, i had a few bites on them however i wasn't retrieving them fast enough to force them to commit.

2/2 0.96kg 17th place.

Gear Box.

Rod. Dobyns Champion Extreme 743

Reel. Quantum Speed Freak 30

Line. Sunline PE EGI ULT 10lb

Leader. Sunline Shooter 10lb

Lure. Palms Slow Blatt 30g rigged with Vanfook twin dancer and treble.

Forever learning! i have taken a lot from this event and look forward to improving both my mental thought process' and results in the next event. Can't wait to get back on the water.

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