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Barramundi Basics

Hey guys i have started a new playlist on my YouTube channel for basic tips on Barramundi fishing, i get asked a lot of different questions on social media and this is the best way to answer them all with instructional videos.

Often most of the questions i get asked are things that i take for granted that generally most people already know or understand, so i have tried to keep these videos very simple and not cover too many topics in each one so that it is easy to follow and hopefully easy to understand and help improve your barra fishing.

As with al my fishing tips i can only tell you what works for me, people will argue with different thinhgs i do but these are seriously what works best for me and in the long run i am hoping they will work for you.

If you have any things you would like to see covered feel free to leave me some comments and i will answer them there if they are easy or i will make a video just for that topic.

Happy hunting, see you on the water....

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