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Been a minute....

Hi peeps, sorry it has been so long since i have written a blog on here. So many platforms these days for both personal accounts and work accounts it gets hard to prioritise which ones need more love haha! Blogs are always good just to update you all on what has been happening, not everyone follows along on every platform and as you know with all the algorithms even if you follow on an account only 5-10 % of your followers even see your stuff. Enough rambling, so currently i am at week 7 of having a broken foot and it seems like a lifetime haha! Only one week and a half left until i see the doc again to hopefully get the wire removed providing i have mended the break. So fingers crossed with that one.

I have purchased some new cameras whilst i have been trapped inside haha, i have also been analysing my current videos to see where i can improve and have some pretty cool plans coming up for the future. I will also be investing in some good water proof camera and drone cases etc so i can have them in the boat at all times and no excuses for not getting the shots that i am after.

Cod will most likely be my first target when i can get back out, i recently joined forces with Gill Marine as they are bringing in some awesome wet weather gear into our country now and i was fortunate enough to test some out on my last trip to Copeton and was super impressed with how warm i was and for minimal layering. A few other changes on the cod side of things, a few of you would have noticed the Active Target videos i have been putting around the place. Well i am upgrading my pole to the new GFab pole as well, very impressed with how his sits for ergonomics as well as the Lowrance TDX can actually sit straight on, not to mention i like his little transducer cover as well. More videos to come on that shortly.

The Biwaa Kapsiz is another cool product i am looking forward to playing around more with, see below video link on how i have rigged this thing up. Going to be deadly i know it..

On top of all this i recently uploaded a video about my fishing diary and why i think its important to keep one for all the finer details of fishing especially when you either have a lot on your mind or target several species like i do. Creating this video and reading the notes has actually inspired me to run it again this cod season, i didn't do much with it last year but will from now on as i am keen to see how much i learn and what i can relate back in different dams etc..

Well enjoy everyone and look forward to seeing you on the water soon, don't be a stranger if you see me out and about. Come up and say g'day, always happy to have a chat and or pass on any information if i have some haha..

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