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Flathead Challenge #3 The new lure

I did already film a part three for the Flathead challenge where we had yet another failed/learning experience but i was so excited about this new lure and catching a few fish that i decided not to keep you waiting so skipped the last video.

I went down south for Christmas to visit my parents who live in Bega NSW and just prior to leaving i was sent a prototype glide bait from Molix to try out. I really liked the look of it and the colour so was super keen to test it, so the decision was made that the swimbait rod was coming to Christmas.

Bega river was the first place we thought of going to have a play, i had my Dad and Marnie rigged up with swimbait as well and Mum was using a gulp. I had around 5 or 6 follow and got hit several times and finally landed two just as it was getting dark, Dad had two big ones follow him and Marnie had one belt here swimbait as well. Way more activity from flathead than i had imagined.

Went back on the next morning armed with GoPros ready for some epic action and of course like most styles of fishing no two days are ever the same.

Rather than me type the story you can watch the rest of story on the video as i caught it all on Go Pro...

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